Our editorial team is dedicated to providing readers with the best, most relevant and timely content possible.

Because our coverage is so diverse, your campaigns are tailored to meet your individual needs. Your ad options include rich media, DHTML, wallpaper, and expandable units among others (please see ad formats). offers advertisers a quality CPM (qCPM) with extensive solutions-driven opportunities.

QMi Sales is dedicated to supporting advertisers’ strategies of connecting with engaged consumers in an innovative, relevant and effective manner.

Our goal is to be your partner for category analysis, and to leverage consumer and industry trends in order to capitalize on revenue opportunities.

Our goals include:

  • Maintaining luxury brand values
  • Raising your brand’s awareness via:
    • Special / seasonal events
    • Product launches
  • Producing a quality product
  • Targeting exclusive environments
  • Delivering unique and innovative ad executions


We assure:

  • Subject relevance
  • Cost effective reach
  • Content sponsorship
  • Page / site dominance
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