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24 hours is Sun Media’s urban newspaper. Published 5 days a week, 24 hours provides the latest local, lifestyle, and entertainment news tailored to urban commuters. 24 hours connects with professionals, young adults and everyone in between, in Canada’s largest urban markets. From Vancouver to Montréal, 24 hours has you covered with over 2 million readers each week!

24 hours Readership Profile

Market Weekly 5 Day Readership**
Vancouver 251,700 573,300
Edmonton 34,000 119,000
Calgary** 30,100 88,900
Toronto* 289,500 685,800
Ottawa 49,000 127,800
Montréal 279,600 554,600
24 hours readership 933,900 2,149,400

Source: 2010 NADbank Study;  Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver/Edmonton/Calgary/Ottawa/Gatineau CMAs; Weighted by population. *Toronto 24 hours based on Toronto CMA.


24 hours readers index highly in these age ranges:

Age Index
18-24 138
25-34 110
35-49 103

Source: 2010 NADbank Study; 5-Day CUME Readers; Toronto/Montréal/Vancouver/Edmonton/Calgary/Ottawa/Gatineau CMAs; Weighted by population.


Free Urban Daily Profiles

Download a PDF for market-by-market information about our 24 hours readers.

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